Coin Magic Wallet

The Best Coin Magic Wallet Ever Made?

We’ve been big fans of Brent Braun’s FPS Card wallet, so when the team found out that he had turned his attention to disrupting the coin wallet market.. we took notice… Did he succeed?

The FPS wallet is not his sole creation. He teamed up with Ryan Plunkett and after months of effort, they created they created a coin magic wallet which builds utility and versatility into a slim, stylish little wallet  suitable for everyday carry.

Coin Magic wallets are core kit if you don’t want to loose your magic coins, or worse still.. pend one of your gaffs… But the FPS wallet has many more functions than just a coin store, such as a unique hidden gaff that gives you the ability to easily, quickly, and invisibly bring coins and other small objects into and out of the wallet. That’s right.. You can have your coins inspected then switch in or out a gimmick or gaff coin.

All this is wrapped up in something that looked right at home next to your card wallet. Made from top grade leather it looks great. A none leather version would also be a great option, that we hope will be added in the future. 

There’s no shortcut when it comes to training to use the FPS coin magic wallet. You get full video training from Brent. He teaches you his favourite coin tricks using the FPS, plus effects with Sharpies, and all sorts of different items.

To top it off,  the FPS Coin Magic Wallet also includes Gregory Wilson’s diabolical routine using a borrowed finger ring, a coin and a kickback ending that you WILL want to perform.

In summery… I first class addition to any coin workers pocket.  Highly Recommended.

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