Coin Life by Li Meng – Video Download

“This is my original magic from 2010. The techniques can be used alone, I hope you’ll like them.” – Li Meng

Coin, Button, Chip, Signature Card, and more!

You will literally see objects change from one to another, in the blink of an eye. Beautiful coin magic here using a range of objects.

– Complete program
– Pure skill
– No special props

Please note.. This will take some commitment and time for you to make the moves look smooth and natural. It’s not self working. You will need to commit to a magic practice program like this one. The video is 20 minutes in length.

The most important part of any technique is the time you put into practice, so this video was kept short – no time is wasted. It could easily have been an hour-long video, but Li Meng wanted to get straight to the point.

Download the coin life tutorial video here

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