Real Coin Magic From Benjamin Earl

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Real Coin Magic features a totally new approach to coin magic. The project teaches five brand new coin magic effects from Benjamin Earl.  The concept for the DVD set is to provide direct coin magic, stripped to its essence..  just like real magic.

The coin tricks use normal pocket change, and use smart, yet easy to do psychological techniques rather than complex sleight of hand.

Real Coin Magic

What’s covered:

PRIMARY MOVEMENT: A coin is placed in the left hand and a participant holds both wrists. Instantly, the coin transports from your left to your right hand.

SDS VANISH: A purely psychological coin vanish. The audience will believe they really see the coin dematerialize.

METAL SWITCH: Using psychology instead of sleight of hand to cause a two-coin transposition between your hand and a spectator’s hand.

TWO SIMPLE SWITCHES: Ben’s Hidden In Plain Sight and No Touch Switches — simple but devious.

POCKET TIME MACHINE: A coin vanish where you transport the audience backwards in time just a few seconds. Perfect for any small object.


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