• Real Coin Magic From Benjamin Earl

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    Real Coin Magic features a totally new approach to coin magic. The project teaches five brand new coin magic effects from Benjamin Earl.  The concept for the DVD set is to provide direct coin magic, stripped to its essence..  just like real magic.

    The coin tricks use normal pocket change, and use smart, yet easy to do psychological techniques rather than complex sleight of hand.

    Real Coin Magic

    What’s covered:

    PRIMARY MOVEMENT: A coin is placed in the left hand and a participant holds both wrists. Instantly, the coin transports from your left to your right hand.

    SDS VANISH: A purely psychological coin vanish. The audience will believe they really see the coin dematerialize.

    METAL SWITCH: Using psychology instead of sleight of hand to cause a two-coin transposition between your hand and a spectator’s hand.

    TWO SIMPLE SWITCHES: Ben’s Hidden In Plain Sight and No Touch Switches — simple but devious.

    POCKET TIME MACHINE: A coin vanish where you transport the audience backwards in time just a few seconds. Perfect for any small object.


  • In The Beginning There Were Coins

    There are lots of magicians that never discover the amazing power of coin magic. Perhaps they are put off because much of it is  sleight of hand. A few try to study it and get confused by complex illustrations. Most simply never found out where to begin. This DVD fixes all that.

    In the Beginning There Were Coins features THE techniques and sleights you should know, explained in plain, direct, and an easy to follow way style.

    Magicians looking for advanced coin work and  multiple variations of coin moves are in the wrong place. This DVD will give you the best return on your investment of time and practice. It’s an essential starting place for anyone beginning to learn how to do coin magic

    Now, before you begin: Understand this: Noblezada hasn’t set out to create a beginners magic course that will leave you performing like a beginner.

    This tuition course will move you from total beginner to a professional coin magician.

    He starts you off by learning the essentials. These are the core techniques needed for all sleight of hand coin tricks. After that, you’ll move on to, how coin magicians turn the essentials into stunning tricks. You will be shown how to build upon these tricks to perform professional and unforgettable routines. To end, you’ll tweek your material using pro tips to make you feel like a professional as you perform.

    This Course will give you the ability to  entertain any group of spectators, at any time, with only the loose coins in your pocket. The skills taught will also transfer into the rest of your magic training, as you discover the secrets of magicians misdirection, audience control, and other other general skills that are needed in coin magic.

    Bear in mind, that just watching this DVD will not make you a coin magician on it’s own. This course is the real deal, and will require some work from you. You need to be able to set aside a few minutes each day, to practice what you are going to be taught.
    Master the easy, direct, and very high impact material on this DVD, and you will be able to jump into the spotlight and give a professional coin magic show at a moment’s notice. These skills will then stay with you for the rest of your life.

    Order In the Beginning There Were Coins

    The Core Moves
    Edge Grip

    Classic Vanish
    Finger Palm Vanish
    Thumb Palm Vanish
    Slide Vanish

    Take Vanish
    French Drop
    Pro Bonus: Retention Vanish

    Push Out
    Wipe Clean
    Shuttle Pass
    Ramsey Subtlety
    Malini Subtlety

    Coin From Thin Air
    Cranium Vanish
    Coin Through Hand
    Coin Through Table
    Tenkai Pennies
    Coin From Pen Cap
    Strike Vanish
    Edge Grip
    Coin Through Pocket
    Full Routines
    One Coin Routine
    Coins Across
    Copper/Silver Transpo “You and Me”
    Three Coin Routine
    Professional Tips
    Breaking the wrist
    Coordination of Actions
    Under foot vanish / recovery
    Wipe Clean
    Coin RollRunning Time Approximately 2hr 32min

  • GONE by Matt Pilcher – Video Download

    You present a coin, and explain how life is like a coin. “You can spend it any way you wish, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.” At that very moment, the coin vanishes!

    Show both sides of your hands – the coin has completely disappeared. GONE!

    GONE Is a heist that happens at the fingertips, and leaves everyone wondering how you got away with it.”
    – Blake Brenneman II (Magician & Gambling Historian)

    Download GONE here