• Coin Magic Tutorial: Improving the French Drop and Retention Vanish

    The core secrets on two of the oldest and most common techniques in coin magic.  Join Rick Holcombe as he shares some of his own thoughts and details on these two sleights.

    Why do we see these performed so badly everywhere? Give Rick just 10 minutes of your time and he will have you performing these moves better than you ever have before. 

    Rick will highlight a few common mistakes magicians do when they perform the retention of vision vanish and the French drop.. better yet, he will walk you through a few easy ways to remove those mistakes from your practice.

    Checkout Rick’s YouTube Channel for more tips and advice on coin magic.

  • Coin Box Concepts – Free Download


    The largest video course on Okito coin box magic.

    This FREE video download is nearly four hours long and is packed with sleights, routines, tips, tricks, and ideas using a variety of coin boxes.   It covers the use of many of your favorite coin boxes and some you may not have ever seen before.

    It is shot in full HD in a studio environment which will give you the feeling of having your own personal instructor teaching you everything you will ever need to know about the material contained in it. When you are finished you will have a wealth of knowledge that will not just allow you to recreate any one of the routines but you will have enough to begin making all your own original routines too.

    There are over sixty Hi-Def video entries ranging from full routines to individual sleights all of which are designed to be performed standing with little or no space needed.

    You will learn; steals, productions, vanishes, box switches, and the list the goes on; most of which are new never before seen concepts

    There are many sleights in this that you can use in your favorite coin magic; sleights that have never been taught anywhere else before this release. Moves that do not just apply to the coin box but can apply to many coin plots out there. 

    Want to learn this?